Missing the Mojo

October 6, 2010

I lost my baking mojo. It up and went who knows where. We had an all to brief hot spell that certainly made the thought of cranking up the oven a little less than appealing. My first year of ‘growing my own’ meant early mornings were spent tending my precious crops rather than stood over my  Kitchen aid and then resulted in harvests that leant themselves to salads over bundts and even my courgettes – deliberately planted in the hope of a glut that could be transformed into quick breads and muffins – were lightly griddled or eaten raw with a touch of salt.

Sunday mornings – previously a guaranteed time for a bake-fest – have been spent walking the nearby Malvern Hills, with 5 am waking times seeing me in the car heading off to beat the heat with an early walk.

I have missed it though, and felt neglectful – of my colleagues and neighbours, of this blog, my Kitchen Aid, bundt tins and recipe books (especially as I now have lovely new, stong shelves to house them all).

I have baked a little over the summer months, but have struggled with using Blogspot which put me off blogging about what little baking I did. Then a good friend of mine started Pipe Dreams and Pickles over here at WordPress and so I have imported the lot over here, stocked up on buttermilk, checked my supplies of baking essentials and off I go again . . .


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