Project Chocolate Cake – The Finale!

October 6, 2011

Well, the day has been and gone.

My Dad has turned 80, friends, colleagues and relatives visited, good food was provided, eaten and taken home (the local co-op sold out of tupperware so good was the food and generous were the portions). Wine was drunk (more than was sensible by me) and stories and connections shared.

The day before the party two cakes were baked


More than a few eggs were used


The morning of the party they were decorated


A little chocolate and cream to make a ganache


Some Kit Kats were used


Decoration done


In the middle of the party, the candles were lit, a song was sung


The candles were blown out

Happy Birthday Dad



One comment

  1. Well done. Your ganache was wonderfully glossy.
    I like Kate Spicer’s frock, was good of her to swing by

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